If you’ve found yourself at the threshold of major change, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Krista Highfield and I know first-hand how destabilizing a major life transition can be. It can feel like everything is crumbling away with nothing new in place. It’s a time of great uncertainty. But Mother Earth knows the way. True Nature Transitions offers a clear, earth-based path through the confusion and fear that’s intrinsic to these passages. Through wilderness immersion, somatic and energy therapies, expressive arts, and intuitive guidance, you will be supported in releasing an old life so you can bravely inhabit a new one. While this site is currently in its own transition, my services are up and running. I know how difficult this trek can be, so feel free to connect and let’s chat about what’s dissolving in your life and what’s ready to emerge. You’re on a big adventure and I’m confident we'll curate your pathway through.

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Krista Highfield has 30 years of experience as a somatic and energy-based psychotherapist and Transition Coach. She is also a Reiki Master, intuitive reader, crystal healer, and animal communicator. True Nature Transitions emerged from her own initiation as she walked through the passage of menopause, relocation, the   

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end of a relationship, and the loss of her mother. During this transition, she spent much of her time hiking through Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, and South Dakota. As she took refuge in Mother Earth, nature revealed her secrets and wisdom for those walking a conscious path of evolution and the True Nature Transitions program was born. Krista loves being on the trail with clients, exploring nature in all her many forms, and listening deeply to her wisdom. Central to all of her work is the retrieval and cultivation of the Divine Feminine within. Therefore, Krista draws from a broad range of approaches that support this experience in each of her clients. She believes this is vital to the healing of individuals, communities, the earth, and the world at large. Krista offers a variety of customized programs and retreats, both nationally and internationally.


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